Awesome Reads

So this year I’ll be taking some library lessons for Year 7 and Year 8 students. I’m a bit excited but also a bit nervous as I’ve got a lot of reading to do. I’m putting together a collection of great reads for Year 7 to Year 9 kids and I’m getting wonderful help from the students. If you’ve got a good book to recommend, please PLEASE email me some info – book title, author, a quick blurb and why you like it would be great. There’s a contact form down below!

Hopefully we’ll be able to build up a huge gallery of quality books for you to read. All suggestions welcome.

My categories are pretty random but it gives you a bit of a guide. And I have included some other non-fiction type categories – to try and cater for ALL readers. Of course, most books cover two or more genres and sometimes I’ve plonked a book in two categories. Don’t limit yourself to the one genre – challenge yourself and dip into as many genres as possible. You never know…

Action / Adventure / Thriller




Autobiography / Biography







Family / Relationships / Reality



Graphic Novels


Historical Fiction