Interview a character

Got a question for a character? Then you’ve come to the right spot. Type your name in the first box then copy and paste the name of the character you want to chat to in the Character name box.
If the character you’re wanting to chat to isn’t listed, just type his/her name in the box and I’ll make sure it gets to the right person!

From The Legends

  • Mitchell Grady
  • Bubba
  • Jack Crossly
  • Travis Fisk
  • Luci Rankin

From Switch-Hit Showdown

  • Barney
  • Mohan
  • Gabby
  • Fifi
  • Mr Jameson

From Double Delivery

  • Maggie
  • Millie
  • Tyler
  • Asmir
  • Christopher
  • Sergeant Sharon

From Captain’s Clash

  • Jana
  • Fletcher
  • Rabbits
  • Mrs Grumblehoofer
  • Alfie

From Bowling Blitz

  • Jimmy
  • Izzy
  • Jasper
  • Salvador
  • Emma
  • Felix
  • Mr Fairbottom
  • Ms Bloomers