Be Bully Free


A practical, hands-on guide to real world bullying situations for schools, families and anyone who’s experiencing or has experienced bullying.

“This is a fantastic resource that clearly and calmly helps people to think about ways to handle bullying. Cathie Thornton and Michael Panckridge have extensive experience in help students in schools to deal with bullying and their wealth of experiences show in the real world examples they use to show ways to handle bullying better. Readers of this book will find themselves with a vast repertoire of methods to prevent and intervene effectively with bullying. Highly recommended.” – Andrew Fuller, Psychologist

With bonus information covering the following areas…

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Assertiveness
  • Exercise
  • Self Talk
  • Meditation and Relaxation

Be Bully Free brings the reality of bullying situations to life in a compelling and accessible way, whether you have personal experience of it or not. The pointers for dealing with these situations are smart, memorable and more than anything, they work! This book is an invaluable guide to navigating the occasionally overwhelming experience of growing up – if only it had been available during our school days!” – Kidscape

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