A visit to SPW

For the past couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School in Glenelg, Adelaide to work with the amazing Year 6 students and teachers. Big rooms, dedicated and committed teachers and a whole bunch of enthusiastic, motivated students who are all willing to roll up the their sleeves and get stuck into the task of being authors! Classrooms quickly become thriving, authentic and vibrant learning spaces. We divide the room into 4 sections…

  • The Cave – a silent sanctuary for authors to work on their plans or stories
  • The Cafe – a buzzing, busy community where students share and discuss their ideas
  • The Studio – the publishing zone
  • The Guru – a place where experts (adult or child!) can assist others with their skills and knowledge

Three days is just time enough to see ideas blossom and stories begin. Am looking forward to publishing many of the students’ stories here on the website over the coming weeks and months. Thanks David, Mel and Chris, the school’s passionate Year 6 teachers, to Annette in the library and – of course – to the students for allowing me into their space to share and chat. This old author is inspired and reinvigorated!