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I think he is really engaging, especially for the collection of boys who are sometimes disengaged with reading. Just exposing the kids to the process of writing and his thinking around planning and drafting is very powerful. Gee, he can tell a good story too. I like the structure of story, then his personal background, something to touch/look at and a quiz. Keeps kids engaged with the moving pace. He’s also very respectful to the kids and this encourages them to do the same. And … he’s funny, everyone likes funny.
Monica – Belmont High School

Michael’s presentation had the students (and teachers!) engaged from the very first moment. From his own recollections of being a student to his fantastic quiz that had all the kids enthralled, it was a wonderful experience. Everybody left the session brimming with ideas and inspiration for their own best sellers. Terrific! Thanks to Michael for being so generous with both his time and his wonderful narratives.  Trish Saffin – Belmont High School

We love hosting Michael. His ability to engage with all students – particularly those who are reluctant or even “non-readers” – is phenomenal. Lee and Rennai Belmont High School (Teacher-librarians)

Michael captivated our Year 4 students and teachers with his enthusiastic story-telling and engaging manner from the moment he walked in. His passion and energy for learning about reading and writing was evident. Our students were eager to find out more, to ask questions about his writing journey, his ideas and inspirations and to share their story ideas. Children reflected on themselves as readers and writers and were inspired to generate new and intriguing story ideas. We look forward to reading more of Michael’s books with our students, who were so engaged by the books we had read they wrote letters asking for the sequel to be written. A wonderful opportunity for our students to talk to a published author, with the children’s best interests at heart.

Louisa, Year 4 teacher, Chilwell Primary School

Michael is the expert in story telling! He kept us riveted right from the start. Left us wondering is this story true? Our students were left inspired to read and write. We loved hearing about how Michael struggled with reading when he was at primary school but still managed to become an author. An inspiring and enjoyable presentation!
Mrs McLaren

Michael had us all captivated within seconds! His manner and ability to connect with all the students through story telling was amazing.
Mr Christopher Gregory, Chilwell Primary School.

Michael creates so much tension in his books. I feel as though I need to write my own book. The spider woman story Michael told us when he came to our school was mind blowing. I loved having Michael here. It made me go to the Library to borrow as many of his books as I could. I really want to read The Cursed.
Jade, Year 4

I loved having Michael here. It made us buzz with excitement learning about all his stories and books and I am so excited to read his books. Michael has inspired me to keep writing stories and not to give up when I don’t have an idea. He had me really captured when he was talking about his Year 1 experience I would love for him to come again and talk to us more about his books stories and experiences.
Bridie, year 4

I’m not really a big fan of reading but Michael has inspired me to start reading a bit . I’m looking forward to read the vanishing.
Will, grade 4.

Michael was really inspiring and had a lot of good ideas. He has made me want to write some books and he had so many interesting stories to tell. Michael is really inspiring to young or even older people who are not as good at reading or writing as some. He had a really creative mind.
Mikayla, Grade 4

I loved it when Michael visited. His stories were engaging and thrilling. Now I’m inspired to start writing my own books. It was funny as well as interesting. I’m looking forward to reading all of his books.
Ava, Grade 4

Michael was interesting and very inspiring. I have never seen a real life author before I have only seen pictures of authors.  I really want to read A Ghost of a Chance , The Vanishings and Out of the Blue. It was also very thrilling and exciting. After his visit I read the back of every book.
Archie, Year 4

I loved having Michael here. It was a great experience and he has inspired me to write my own book. I’ve already started on it.
River,  Year 4

Michael coming to visit inspired me to write a book. I want to add emotion with enough imagination to fill people’s mind. Michael has a great personality and mind, he made me think about being an author.
Tadgh, Grade 4

Hi Michael,
I’ve been meaning to once again thank you for talking with the Year 7’s last Wednesday at Luther College; they’ve been raving about you ever since! The boys in my class particularly engaged with your presentation/books, which, as an English teacher, is much appreciated and very inspiring.
Thanks again! Carolyn

It was with pleasure we welcomed Michael Panckridge to St Michael’s College to celebrate Book Week 2018. Our students enjoyed Michael’s warm, enthusiastic and animated presentation style and were completely enthralled with his story telling, especially those with exciting truth stretching embellishments thrown in. The students sat open mouthed in awe and were keen to borrow all of Michael’s books – including those yet to be published!​

St Michael’s College, Adelaide

The students responded really well to Michael’s presentation. He was able to draw them out with their ideas for storytelling. I found him to be a skilful educator as well as having a respectful attitude towards our students which encouraged them to be willing to contribute to discussions. Michael did a great job and it was wonderful to see his sensitive personal interaction being far more effective than a whizz bang PowerPoint presentation!
L. Duncan, Scoresby Secondary College

Michael has been visiting our school for several years now. He is a passionate, funny and empathetic speaker and the students love him.
He has the ability to capture the imagination of his listeners with his anecdotal stories and carry them along with him on his journey as an author. Because he is a teacher with years of experience, he is adept at engaging his entire audience.

J. Doubleday, Luther College, August 2017

This is the second year Michael has partnered with our Year 6 students to be authentic authors. From the moment he enters until the time he leaves, students are engaged, motivated, empowered and primed for success. His understanding of young adolescents and his ability to support each child to their potential is brilliant. His learning centres, particularly the Guru, allow students to be supported in a non-threatening environment whilst encouraging others to share their strengths. BRILLIANT!

David Kennedy
Year 6 teacher and Learning and Teaching Coordinator Years 6-7

  •  “Michael has helped me to organise my ideas like a real writer.”
  • “Michael really understands what I want and guided me without giving me the words.”
  • “His ideas and creativity are amazing.”
  • “I love the four stations. We should keep them for the rest of the year.”