Welcome to the AFL player word searches. Can find 12 of your team’s players?

Click on your team logo, download and then print the word search and have a go at finding all 18 players. Only the surnames have been used.

If you find all 12 players of one of the teams, and you’d like a Legends bookmark and 8 little collectable Legends cards, then write the names of all 12 players on an email and get in touch with Michael here. Or copy and paste info@michaelpanckridge.com.au to email me. You could even scan your word search then attach it and email.

If anyone (just you / you and a friend / family / class at school) manages the HUMONGOUS task of finding all 12 players (2019 listed players) from all 18 team word search puzzles (that’s 12 x 18) = 216 players… gulp… 216 players… then Michael will send you a free Legends book of your choice!