On the Whistle

Sam and Vinny start the new term at St Helens, a private school with a proud sporting tradition but all is not smooth sailing. For a start, there’s considerable rivalry between the two football codes – and soccer is gaining the upper hand at the expense of league.While the headmaster is welcoming, not all the staff are so encouraging, and one at least has something to hide – he’s running a highly profitable betting scam, which Sam accidentally discovers when he takes an illicit look at the teacher’s computer.

Meanwhile, Sam and Vinny take on the challenge of a huge scavenger hunt at St Helen’s. At stake is the future of league at the school, and to complicate things further, there’s a growing attraction between Sam and Tamara, a talented soccer player with a father who will stop at nothing to see soccer the dominant code at the school.

And if all this isn’t enough to keep a boy occupied, Sam has been selected for the Tri-Nations Under 15 team – will he and his team be able to triumph over New Zealand and England?