Here’s how to play a game of T20 dice cricket. All you need is a die, pencil or pen and paper – that’s it! My dad reckons he invented dice cricket way back in the 1930s. I’m not so sure about that, but if no one tells me otherwise, I’ll give Dad the credit for this fun game on a rainy day.

Step 1

Create your team. Give one player two chances and pop a little ‘2’ next to their name. Choose your six bowlers and give them each a number from 1 to 6.

Step 2

Roll the die to see who bats first. Highest roll gets to choose.

Step 3

Start the game. If you roll a 1, 2, 4 or 6 the batter scores that amount. Write the number down. If you roll a 3, it’s a dot ball, so no runs. Mark a little dot. If you roll a 5, it’s out! Mark the scorecard with a little cross. Remember, for the player with two chances, you write down the cross but that batter keeps batting. If you roll a 1 or a 3, switch over to the other batter.

Step 4

When someone is out, you’ll need to work out how the batter was dismissed. Roll the die to decide. You can make up your own rules here if you like, but this is how Asmir, Tyler, Maggie and Millie played.

1 Bowled
2 Run Out
3 Caught
4 Caught
5 Caught

Now roll the die again (except if you rolled a ‘2’ for Run Out) and refer to your team list from Step 1 to see who the bowler was.

Step 5

Keep going until you’ve completed your innings. The number 11 gets three rolls. Give that player the total of the three rolls.
Remember – a 3 is a dot ball and a 5 is out!

Step 6

Roll the die once more to see how many extras there are. Rolling a 5 now counts for 5. Now total up your score!

Step 7

Now it’s time for the other side to bat.

Check out the sample scorecard near the end of Double Delivery. The Also Aussie All-Stars pipped my All-Stars by three runs, even with a team hat-trick at the end of the innings and Alex Blackwell’s classy 81 not out. I’m going to play those Also Aussie All-Stars again – very soon!