Legends – Book 5-6 Review!

Over the Wall (Book 5) & On the Buzzer (Book
6) of the Legend Series
Michael Panckridge
Ford Street Publishing, 2018
pbk., 138p., RRP $14.95
i s e Ns 97 81 92527 2925 & 97 81 92527 2932
Reviewed by Bernadette Nye

Our young readers are not always adverse to
books because they find reading tricky, sometimes
they’re just plain not interested, their time competing
with a variety of distractions. With this in mind,
author Michael Panckridge wrote the Legend
series, inspired by his passion for sport and the
desire to conquer reluctance to read.
Although the series was originally published over a
decade ago, it has been re-released due to popular
demand and the updated content and storylines are
sure to capture a new audience. The Legend books
are a high school sport themed series packed with
humour, mystery and adventure. The language is
simple and fast paced. Scenarios and characters
are engaging and relatable. Over the Wall (book
5) follows the characters as they compete for the
title of Legend of Soccer and unravel the mystery
of a secret tunnel in the school library.
ln On the Buzzer (book 6) another mystery
unfolds – the case of a missing inter-school
trophy – who could have taken it? And who
was trying to bring down the basketball team as
they complete for glory? Themes in both books
include sportsmanship, friendship, determination,
competition and critical thinking.
Each book comes with bonus factual information
that is complementary to the story. There are
quizzes to complete and charts and pictures to
look at. Panckridge made sure to pique the interest
of our digitally savvy students with QR codes that
provide access to plenty of interactive content.
They can keep their own sporting achievement
tallies, interview characters and access quizzes
and games.