No sport – so it’s time to read sport!

There’s little or no sport available for literally hundreds of thousands of children (and adults) across the country – and of course overseas too.  With so much stay at home time at the moment, I thought it be helpful to massively discount the price of some of my sports books.

If we can’t play sport, then, while we’re all being safe at home and isolating, we can at least read abut sport. So I’ve dropped the prices of my Legends books down to $5.00 each, plus postage (or $30 for the set, plus postage) to encourage our kids to read and give them something to do at home.

Perhaps this can be a time for some shared reading. The Legends covers a wide range of different sports – surfing, cricket, tennis, Aussie rules, netball, soccer, basketball and swimming. So let’s keep the excitement about sport bubbling away by reading exciting stories immersed in sport and hopefully it won’t be long before we can put the books down, grab the footy or basketball and head back outside to do what so many of us love doing – playing sport.