Being a big fan of footy cards, it kind of fits that I’ve worked on various other card projects over the years. I’ve made sports cards that feature kids at their sports clubs, puppy cards, graduation cards, book cards and even a set of cards to celebrate our school’s recent 150th birthday. The sports and puppy cards have heaps of tips on their backs too.

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Footy Cards

Well, I’m excited to to share with you some classic old Scanlens footy card images!


School Cards

The school that I teach at celebrated its 150th birthday in 2011. We did heaps of fun things. One of the activities was for kids to try and collect a full set of 150 cards that celebrated the people, buildings, milestones, places and events that make up our rich and varied history. It was great fun to work out what to include on the cards and to actually design and make the cards. We even had specially made albums for the students to put their cards in. Each week students could buy packets of cards. There were prize cards randomly inserted in the packets. The first 9 cards in the set were special ‘gold’ cards. These were harder to get. They depicted what we decided to be the 9 most important people or events that shaped the school. There was even a mystery card that created a whole lot of excitement. It wasn’t numbered and became a very sought after card. Many of the people featured were able to sign ‘their’ cards. The House cards were my favourites, along with the sporty cards. Lindsay Hassett, a former student who became a Test captain of the Australian cricket team was another of my favourite cards.



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Puppy Cards

Have you just bought a puppy? Or do you have a pet dog at home? This series puts picture of your favourite animal on the front of the card with some really helpful tips about looking after your pet on the back. There are travel, nutrition, fitness and behaviour tips. Whether it’s a cat, dog, goldfish or hamster, this series of cards is a great way to get your favourite pet onto his/her own card and get some great healthy tips as well. If you’re interested in sending through a couple of pictures (portrait set up) of your pet and maybe getting them put into a set of cards then send them through. The cost to print a set of cards would mean we’d need a few orders first before setting up the cards and sending to the printers.



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Graduation Cards

For most kids in Australia, the end of Year 6 means the end of primary school. Lots of school celebrate this in lots of different ways. Someone once told me a story of a boy whose teacher had organised a set of cards for her class. On the front of each card was a photo of all the kids in the class. On the back was a list of words that the rest of the class wrote about each person; words that described the person and how they would be remembered. This story has a sad ending though. This person went on to serve for his country. He was very badly wounded in a battle a long way away from home. In his hand was his card; he had kept it on him for all those years. The last thing his eyes saw were all the kind and loving words his classmates from all those years ago had written about him. Collecting a set of cards of your classmates in Year 6; getting each card signed and maybe placing them all in an album is a really nice way of remembering your last year at primary school. Of course, you could have a set of cards made for any year; or for any team or club for that matter!

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