The Vanishings


Francesca’s sister Carli goes missing and, like other missing children, there’s no rhyme or reason why. She’s simply vanished. Her parents, lured away by a possible sighting at a distant railway station on the other side of the state, leave Fran at home, along with her faithful dog, Sabi, and her vague Aunt, to keep searching for clues. But a visit to the mysterious old disused railway station turns Francesca’s world upside down. With each passing hour, Fran slips further and further from her real world; strange voices; phantom trains and the terrifying image of children’s ghostly faces, pressed to the windows of a carriage, are only the beginning as Fran plunges into a frightening, nightmarish world of shadows, gloom and darkness. But the further she ventures in, the further she drifts from home; from reality… It’s a terrifying journey that only a sister would make… a journey with no promise of return…

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