Sporty Summer Reviews


Big Bash League series by Michael Panckridge

Panckridge’s cricket orientated BBL WWBL T20 themed series is as easy to read as spending a summer’s day at the cricket. Exciting, action driven, and gripping, these stories centre on true grit, determination and the thrill of competition sport. Perfect summer reading.

Penguin Random House Australia October 2017

The Legend Series by Michael Panckridge

Older primary-aged readers who can’t get enough of sport will soak up this awesome series centring around new kid on the block, Mitchell Grady.  Mitchell finally lands in a school that is as sports crazy as he is and signs up to the Legend of Sports competition. Surfing, cricket, football, and tennis are just some of the sporty storylines that unfold for Mitchell as he competes his way through the school year and a host of dilemmas involving bullies and questions of good sportsmanship. Titles in this gripping series work as standalone stories although, are just as fun enjoyed from start to finish. An ideal gift set to give.