Writing Tips

Need a tip to get you started? Or just a general writing tip? Check out the offerings below. If you’d like to contribute your own writing tip, that would be great. Click here to submit your own tips…

  • Try and write a pacy start to your story to get the reader hooked – hit the ground running!
  • Look to include more dialogue and less description – get your characters driving the story
  • Make it look like a real book! I know this sounds a bit crazy, but it will be easier to read. Sometimes i actually have a real book next to me to keep me honest with how it’s all set up. Use sentences, paragraphs, new lines, indents – yup, make it look like a REAL book!
  • Snip out ‘blah’ words to make it a better read – you can kind of leave this one till the end but i promise you heaps of writers (me included) use plenty of unnecessary words.
  • Take yourself there – smell it; feel it; touch it; sense it; see it; hear it; taste it. It will make your story more real, more believable.
  • Can I put in a twist to amaze and stun my reader? Wow, if you can do this, then you’re really on the way to becoming an awesome writer. Every writer’s dream – to maker the reader gasp and wonder at the end and then feel the need to go back and re-read.
  • Use a thesaurus to spice up your vocab – neat! (It’s not cheating, I promise!)
  • Make your story easy and a joy to read – not one huge slab of words. Like I said earlier, break it up.
  • Make it a page turner…I guess this is the BIG ONE. If the reader doesn’t really want to turn the page… then… oh…. hmmmm BUT – if the reader DOES want to turn the page and discover and learn and find out.. WOO HOO!!